Top 5 Mobile Application Development Platforms

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Whether it is consumer or enterprise mobile apps that empower organizations, we have witnessed the explosion of apps. App stores are inundated with millions of mobile apps. There is an app for everything imaginable under the sun. If you have an app idea, but are bogged down by lack of budget or technical resources, you are not alone.

top 5 mobile application development platfroms

Over the last year, the demand for ready enterprise-class mobile cross platform development reached an unimaginable level. Many companies be it startups or mid-sized organizations are realizing the need to adapt to the mobile world to reach out to new users, streamline processes and minimize costs. The ability to rapidly develop and deploy apps means cross platform development tools will become important over the coming years and will trigger the next level of changes.

The mobile app development is no longer a treacherous path. You don’t need to be coding geek or have thousands of dollars to hire developers. With a small investment, you can entirely create your own mobile site or application using one of the platforms listed below. This will allow you to transform your app ideas into realities, such as providing seamless mobile experience, increasing revenue as well as user engagement.

Here are the top 5 mobile application development tools:

1. Xamarin

xamarin mobile application development platform

Xamarin is a /2015/08/google-eddystone-open-source-and-cross-platform-beacon-technology.html" target="_blank">cross-platform tool that helps build native iOS and Android apps, as well as Windows and Mac apps with a single shared C#codebase. Based in San Francisco with offices in Europe, Asia and South America, the company lets developers test apps on several hundreds of devices via Xamarin Cloud service, offers Xamarin Studio IDE, and runs live online classes with its Xamarin University program. Xamarin prides itself for being associated with big brand names such as Microsoft, Kellog’s, Bosch and Dow Jones.

2. Kony

kony mobile application development platform

For the third consecutive year, Kony has been named a “Gartner Mobile Application Development Platform Magic Quadrant Leader.” Kony offers a wide range of tools as part of its enterprise mobility platform. This helps businesses create apps from a single codebase. The Studio platform uses JavaScript and simple drag and drop reusable widgets with the ability to import existing or third party libraries.

3. PhoneGap

phonegap mobile application development platform

It is important to note that building applications for your device, such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile requires different /2015/05/android-studio-all-in-one-android-app-development-tool.html" target="_blank">frameworks and languages. PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that lets you create mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PhoneGap bridges the gap between web applications and mobile devices by using standard-based web technologies.

4. Appcelerator

appcelerator mobile application development platform

Appcelerator is a mobile app development platform purpose-built for the mobile world that allows creating great /2015/07/mobile-app-developers-7-mistakes-to-avoid.html" target="_blank">mobile app experiences, with reduced time to market and scale according to needs. Appcelerator uses JavaScript for rich native mobile and cloud-connected mobile apps. This platform provides /2015/07/how-mobile-apps-and-big-data-can-revolutionize-healthcare.html" target="_blank">real-time mobile analytics which helps to power /2015/06/top-5-tips-to-improve-user-engagement-level-for-mobile-applications.html" target="_blank">user engagement and measure results.

5. Sencha

sencha mobile application development platform

Sencha Touch is the leading MVC-based JavaScript framework for building cross-platform mobile web applications and universal apps. Sencha Touch provides one of the most comprehensive collections of /2015/04/30-best-mobile-app-ui-and-wireframe-development-tools.html" target="_blank">UI widgets built specifically for mobile platforms such as lists, menus, and toolbars.

The charting package lets visually represent data with a broad range of chart types such as line, bar, and pie charts. Sencha Touch charts utilizes HTML5 canvas to get a high-performance native feel.


Before you take a plunge into /2015/07/top-5-mobile-app-development-company-in-asia.html" target="_blank">mobile application development, it is important to take stock of your priorities. Since no single platform will ever be able to meet all your development needs, bottom-line is to select the /2015/07/hybrid-apps-vs-web-apps-big-fight-coninues.html" target="_blank">platform that is most appropriate for your business goals, needs, and challenges and ultimately, the one most appealing for your end users.

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