How clean is your favorite laptop

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After a few days of using the laptop becomes dirty. The laptop that is as bad as it is asbasthyakarao. The condition for release from the laptop needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The thing you need to clean up some warning.
They need to clean the components of the laptop are:

Soft cloth
Mild dish detergent
Compressed air cans
Alcohol isopropyl arabic

Laptop Clean

To shut down before starting work on your laptop, unplug the power line, and battery.
The first job is to clean the lid and the bottom panel. One or two drops of dishwasher and two cups of warm water and mix. Then use a soft cloth to remove the soaked chips. The laptop with the lid up and remove the bottom panel. To the washed clothes in the process. Then, with a dry cloth to remove wet places.
Similarly, you can delete monitor carefully.

Look at the keyboard. With the flick of a keyboard upside down the day with some loose dirt. The cans of compressed air to remove the keyboard and the inner mayalagu. Compressed air, can be used instead of the air blower. Using the keyboard to remove the upper part of the isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It quickly becomes steam. The use of water into the equipment, it will eat into the keyboard.
If you have a cough with a friend he borrowed the laptop from his back after taking it to 0.5% hydrogen per-oxide clear.
If your laptop side vents for air to enter and exit the system to see if there are a lot of dust. With high-speed winds that can clear space. If you open it, you can clear a lot of dust. But why would you be a bit more experienced. And skrugulo where it definitely keep an eye open.

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