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BlackBerry AutoText

BlackBerry AutoText - Many people are looking for ways Automatic Text Settings on blackberry, this time we will give way and provide some examples of auto text blackberry we found at several sites on the internet.

Previously we have provided latest blackberry app for you, now is the time we explained how it functions and how to use AutoText blackberry that make your chat more colorful and more exciting, see below are some refrnsi for autotext blackberry:

AutoText is designed to replace specific text that you type with preloaded AutoText entry that first. If you type text that can be replaced with an AutoText entry, the text changes after you press the Space key.

Your BlackBerry ® device has some innate AutoText entry that fix common errors. For example, AutoText changes hte to the. You can create AutoText entries for your common typing mistakes or for abbreviations. For example, you can create an AutoText entry that replaces ttyl with "talk to you later".

- On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
- Click AutoText.
- Press the Menu key.
- Click New.
- In the Replace field, type the text to be replaced.
- In the With field, perform one of the following actions:
* Type the replacement text.
* To insert a macro (for example, the date or time), press the Menu key. Click Insert Macro.

Perform one of the following actions:

* To change the entry to uppercase as you typed it, set the Using field to Specified Lettering.
* To change the entry to uppercase according to the context, set the Using field to SmartCase.
* Set the language.
* Press the Menu key.
* Click Save.

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