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Screen Muncher Pro - BlackBerry Application now lets you share your memories in-app the moment with all your Facebook friends! Sharing IM conversations, pics, favorite Facebook moments, Tweets, maps, recipes, what you listen to, the high score ... ANYTHING! The full version lets you remove watermark, change colors, turn off sound & more! This application is funny, cute and useful, including the classic "Munch" sound effect, animation and vibrate every time you Munch a screen!

Use Screen Muncher to:

  • Munch BlackBerry ® Messenger BBM conversations and instantly share them via Facebook & Twitter! (Also posting any app that has taken in)
  • Munch funny or stupid late-night messages to save or share with friends
  • Munch your favorite Facebook, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Twitter, or other message, social network post, status or pic (tip: assign to convenience key
  • Munch and save an image that you normally would not be able to from a web site like Facebook
  • Munch your BlackBerry ® theme and show it off to friends
  • Munch a map from Google Maps, BlackBerry ® Maps, etc. so you can use it later for directions
  • Munch a recipe you got online to refer to later
  • Munch your calendar and send it to your friends
  • Munch a game level you've achieved or scoreboard you reached and post
  • Munch frames in a YouTube video
  • Munch music you are listening to and show your friends


  1. Make wise Munches by turning the sound off!
  2. To Munch a browser screen / web page, assign Screen Muncher to a convenience key
  3. Assign Screen Muncher to a BlackBerry ® convenience key and you can easily and quickly Munch ANY screen including your home screen, Foursquare, Twitter, WhatsApp and more!
  4. Go here to see a video on what Screen Muncher can do!
  5. The Muncher small screen icon at the top of your screen is a notice. To read it go to messages - menu - Folder View - Inbox (Screen Muncher)


  1. Customize Screen Muncher color - 11 to choose from!
  2. Customize Munch sound - 8 to choose from!
  3. Select the image format (png & jpeg)
  4. Clear Screen Muncher watermark
  5. Turn the sound off to make discreet Munches when others are around on in quiet places like classroom
  6. To use Screen Muncher: On any screen that you see on your BlackBerry ®, just push the BlackBerry ® icon key. Choose "Munch Screen" from the menu and select "Email", "Save" or "Options" button. It's that simple!
Screen Muncher Pro blackberry apps
ONLY FOR OS 6 or above:

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