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Photo Magazine Editor Pro 1.1.5 - Applications "Photo Pro Magazine Editor" allows you to edit your favorite photos and style Frame Set Wallpaper, Image File Save and Send to Your Friends. "Photo Pro Magazine Editor" is a magazine-style frame Photo Editor Ultimate Pack!

Item Photo Magazine Editor Pro 1.1.5:

  •      30 magazine-style frame (frame 30 when the magazine in version 1.1.5)
  •      2 images filter
  •      8 colors overlay

Featuers Magazine Photo Editor Pro 1.1.5:
  •      Choose your favorite frame style magazine
  •      Select a photo image form "Device" or "Camera"
  •      Select your scanner
  •      Choose your color overlay
  •      OS5, OS6, OS7 compatible
  •      BBM platform supported

How to Use Program:
  1. When the application first opens, it will ask to set permissions request to activate the application once
  2. Then the application will configure the fuel connection with Account ID for the Feature BlackBerry BBM (Act Downloads and File Send To Friend)
  3. In the configuration screen you can click the menu item (Preview, Download Law)
  4. Preview: Will display the results of picture editing picture frame
  5. Invite Download: Will send requests to your friends to download "Photo Pro Magazine Editor" Application
  6. When you edit your favorite photos, frames and more, then you can click the "Preview" to view your pictures
  7. In Screen Display you can click a menu item (Wallpaper Set, Save File, Send to Friend)
  8. Set Wallpaper: Will arrange photos of your mobile device wallpaper
  9. Save File: Will save image to your mobile device
  10. Send to a friend: Will send your image files to your friends

Photo Magazine Editor Pro

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