Motorolans Give Back to Chicago during Annual ‘Motoserve’

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Motorola Mobility Foundation -- Motorola’s charitable and philanthropic arm -- partnered with Chicago Cares for the third year in a row for “motoserve,” Motorola Mobility’s annual day of service in Chicago. Since 2014, motoserve volunteers have contributed nearly 5,500 hours of service through the annual event, in addition to the Foundation’s ongoing employee engagement programs.

Motorolans worked in four different neighborhoods to benefit Chicago Public Schools, senior centers and community organizations. Projects included improving school and community spaces, promoting health and wellness, distributing essential items to those in need, and more.

We’re proud of the commitment our team made to serving our local community. Some of the specific sites we focused on included:

  • Austin - Lorraine Hansberry Apartments: Spent quality time with senior residents while cooking and serving a meal, played Bingo and made fleece blankets.
  • Jefferson Park - Beaubien Elementary: Created and stained two planter benches, completed tile mosaics and canvas murals, and hosted a Kids Olympics in an effort to engage the students in exercise.
  • Douglas - Pershing Magnet School: Hosted a science fun fair to expose the students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and gave the school a fresh look by painting 5 colorful wall and canvas murals throughout the hallways.
  • West Englewood - Earle STEM Academy: Added life to the building by painting classrooms, created wall and canvas murals, and hosted a science fair to spark students’ creativity.
  • Merchandise Mart - Motorola Mobility: Assembled 900 Hygiene Kits for Breakthrough Urban Ministries and Chicago Public Schools to benefit families transitioning out of homelessness. Assembled 100 Back to School Kits for Beaubien Elementary to help students prepare for the new school year.

“Motoserve” is part of a year-round, global series of volunteer programs offered by the Motorola Mobility Foundation to Motorola’s employees. Motorola Mobility Foundation, Motorola’s charitable and philanthropic arm, enables and drives innovation to improve the communities where we live and work. The Foundation’s mission is to catalyze the innovative use of technology to improve lives and communities. It does this by leveraging employee expertise and talent, providing funding, and partnering with nonprofits, learning institutions, startups, government, corporate and civic organizations.

Click here to learn more about the Motorola Mobility Foundation.

Photos by Monica Inglot

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