How to Successfully Extract Tables from PDFs

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Nowadays there is a tendency to cut down on unnecessary paperwork in the office and thus contribute to creating the so-called paperless office. There are many benefits of reducing paperwork at the workplace. Apart from tremendous contribution to the environmental conservation, there is a considerable money saving element that isn’t negligible. Also, imagine how your office would be clean and tidy without paper. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Then it’s time to do something about it.

The first step to turning your office into a paperless one is to convert paper documents into digital form. The best way to do it is to convert your file into PDF, a non-editable file format, given that it’s the safest way to preserve your confidential data. That’s not so difficult. However, what if one day you need to make some small change in your PDF file? Don’t worry, you don’t have to rewrite the whole document manually. There are more elegant ways to do it.

It can be easy for PDF to Word conversion, but now let’s see how easier it is to extract those tables and figures trapped in PDFs.

If you keep all important information on a desktop computer, then this free tool is right for you. PDF to Excel is an online converter and won’t occupy space on your computer. Here are some of its features that will make you bookmark it immediately:

It can convert scanned PDF files

There’s no file size limits

It’s possible to convert documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive

No user information needed

Easy to use

Speaking of how PDF to Excel is simple to use, it’s enough to select a document you would like to convert or upload it from some cloud service. Afterwards, the conversion will automatically start and when it’s done, the Free download button will appear.

On the other hand, if you carry your work with you on iPad or need to change something urgently but you’re left only with your iPhone, you’ll need an app which extracts tables from PDFs. PDF to Excel will do that successfully, and much more. It can also convert Gmail attachments and documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. PDF to Excel app offers good conversion quality and smooth recognition of rows and columns. Another great thing about it is that it can convert scanned PDF files, too. Likewise, it has a user-friendly design and in just three steps you’ll have your document converted.

Step 1

Select a file you would like to convert from a storage place.

Step 2

Click on the Share button in the top right angle.

Step 3

After finding PDF to Excel app in OPEN IN menu, tap on it.

Fast and easy, as previously promised. Now you are completely ready to go paperless and enjoy all its perks.

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