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Njut Tabi Godlove was born on the 26 June 1985 in the capital city of Cameroon (Yaounde) by Njut Mba Lucas and Njut Tabi Hanna Nassaga.

Cameroon got its name  Portuguese explorers reached the coast in the 15th century and named the area Rio dos Camarões (Shrimp River)


Lake Barombi Mbo is the largest Volcanic Lake near Kumba. It is also one of the oldest Radiocarbon – dated Lakes in Africa. Lake Barombi Mbo is one of the major touristic attractions in Kumba. It is visited mostly by students for swimming and by natives of Barombi Koto and Kumba for small scale fishing. The largest part of Lake Barombi Mbo is found in Barombi Mbo but it also has a smaller version in Station Kumba. Lake Barombi Mbo has been recorded with 15 species of fishes.

Lake Barombi Mbo

During the times of colonization, Cameroon was colonized by the Germans and then the British and French after Second World War. After the French and English colonized Cameroon, it became a Bilingual county with French and English as its official language. It is located in Centre Africa boarded by Nigeria, Chad. Cameroon is a Tropical Rain Forest with a population of about 16 million people mainly involved in small scale farming. Cash crops in Cameroon include Cocoa, Banana (C.D.C) and Coffee. Cameroon gained its independence in 1962 and its current President is Paul Biya. Cameroon is a very multicultural country with over 253 Tribes speaking different languages and have different traditional dishes locally known as ‘’county talk’’ and ‘’country chop’’ respectively. It’s divided into 10 provinces (Adamawa, Centre, East, Far North, North, South, Southwest, North, Northwest and West.)

Njut Mba Lucas came from the Northwest of Cameroon (Bamenda) in a village called Bamukumbit. The Bamukumbit people speak Grass Field language. Bamenda is the biggest city in the northwest of Cameroon. Its inhabitants are involved mainly in large scale farming of Groundnuts, Irish Potatoes, Coffee and trading. Bamenda is known in Cameroon for its fight for English and French equality (Aglo French equality.)

Njut Tabi Hanna Nassaga was born in a small village in the Southwest of Cameroon known as Manyemen. The Manyemen people speak Bayangi language. Manyemen became popular in Cameroon during the times of DAO. A company that built roads at the time in the region.



Njut Tabi Godlove went to a Nursery school near Kumba main Market. Nursery sector in Cameroon is made up of 2 classes Nursery 1 & 2. Then he went to G.P.S (Government Primary School) still located near kumba main market. Where he spent 2 years and went to Kumbambeng and also spent 2 years there. Later he went to G.P.S Yaounde and spent 2 years there then he came back to Kumbambeng where he had his Common Entrance and First School Living Certificate. Kumbambeng is the only Bilingual Primary School in Kumba make up of Group 1, 2 and 3 with Group 3 being the French sector. The Primary section of education in Cameroon is made up of 7 classes, class 1 – 7.

Then He started off for the Secondary sector of education in Cameroon made up of 5 lasses (form 1 – 5.) Spent 1 year in G.B.H.S Kumba (Government Bilingual High School.) located near Lake Barombi Mbo. 3 Years in J.M.C (Jemea Memorial College Kumba.) still located near Lake Barombi Mbo. Had his O Levels (Ordinary Levels) during 2006 – 2007 B.H.S (Baptist High School) batch Kumba. B.H.S Kumba is one of the larget Boarding schools in Kumba second only to P.H.S (Prebyterian High School Kumba) located in Barombi Nkang. 2008 – 2009 he obtained his A levels (Advance Levels) in CCAS (Cameroon College Of Arts And Science Kumba) CCAS Kumba is the largest Government day school in kumba second only to G.B.H.S Kumba. High school section in Cameroon is made up of 2 classes (lower and upper sixth.)

On October 2010, he arrived at the Frankfurt Air Port in Germany. Had his Qualifiziete Haupt Schule Abschluss‘‘ in Johann – Philipp – Reis – Schule Friedberg. Became an apprentice in Arnold AG Friedrichdorf as a Metal Constructor. He is a certified Welder.



Believes in God the father, Son and Holy Ghost. Goes to Church regularly. Was introduce to the faith by his mother. He is a God fearing man.

Vision And Version

Vision And Version

Njut Tabi Godlove believes in a superior being called God. Love humans. Dream to become a doctor and the owner of a Church one day.

Social Life

Social Life

While in Cameroon, he made friends with Cameroonians as while as Nigerians. Went to Bier Bars, night clubs, Fishing, Swimming, played Brick and video games like Nitendo, Sega, Nitendo 64, Playstation 1, 2 and 3 with friends. In Germany, he has succeeded to make friends with Germans, other whites in the region and blacks that were once slaves in this part of the continent. He is also very active online (internet). Owns a facebook page (Rhapsody Of Realities) and a blog (Game World.)

Kumba City

Kumba City

He spent most of his teenage days in the city of Kumba. Kumba is one of the largest and Economic Capital in the Southwest of Cameroon. It is known as the Bafo man’s village. It is governed by a Chief. Its outskirt include Fiango leading to Kosala, Station where lake Barombi Mbo is found, Barombi Nkang. Kumba has all the sectors of a complete Cameroon education process except for a University which is found in Buea still in the Southwest of Cameroon. It has one Government Hospital (General Hospital) and many private hospitals. Kumba has 2 big markets (the Kumba main market and Fiango market.) The Kumba main market is dominated by the IBO people coming from Nigeria selling mostly electronics and promoting their Nigerian music and movies. The Kumba people stay informed from 2 radio channels known as Ocean City and Lake Site Radio.

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