NYSC 2016 Batch B mobilization Time Table

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1. 2016 batch B pre-mobilization workshop 21st july-24th July
2. Briefing/sentization of final year students/ prospect corps members 4th August- 14th August
3. Display of list of all approved programmes for insti on NYSC portal for cross checking 4th-14th August
4. Collation of prospective corps producing institution CPIs 31st July-21st August
5. Submission/ uploading of senate/ Academic Board approved Result for full/ part-time graduates and Revalidation lists by CPIs 24th August-2nd September
6. Uploading of correct lists by corps producing institution 1st- September- 7th September
7.online delivery of print outs to corps producing institution CPIs 9th October- 16th October
8. Deployment & printing of callup letters by ICT Dept 14th-20th October
9. Notification/ online printing of call-up letters 21st-26th October
10. 2016 Batch ' B' orientation course ( Stream 1) 28th October- 16th November
11. 2016 Batch B orientation course( stream 11) 25th November- 14th December.

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