Yes, The Shiloh Swimming Pool is Open!

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I was away in New York for the Grand Season Opening of the Shiloh Swimming Pool. I try not to miss pool days, since our season is terribly short, barely three months. And it's closed for what is considered pleasure swimming from the 1st of Av (Jewish Month) until the 10th of Av aka "the Nine Days." But for various reasons, I had to go when I went, so I did. And I must admit that Gd was with me on that and still wanted me to exercise in the water, so He arranged for me to stay with a friend who has a swimming pool in her building that can be used by guests, which I did very happily. In my modest bathing-suit, and the fact that at the hour my friend and I went, there was hardly anyone there but the lifeguard, and the fact that we were there for health reasons, I don't consider it problematic. 

Once I returned home, I got out the outdoor pool gear, yes, as you can see, the dark plastic glasses, hat and a bathing suit which looks more like an outfit I could wear on Shabbat or a trip to Jerusalem. It has a flowered top, 3/4 length sleeves and a regular-looking skirt with "built-in" shorts.

The Shiloh Swimming Pool, as you can see, is actually two pools, a regular swimming pool and a wading pool for toddlers. There's lots of grass for sitting, plastic chairs and playground toys for the kids. In addition, there's a snackbar in which you can buy all sorts of treats and food. And of course, there are toilets and showers.

There is "separate swimming" only at the pool. Children under five (or is it six?) can be with the opposite sex.  Also, children under a certain age must have an older person along to watch. And the best thing is that the first hour and a half and the last hour before closing are "adults" only. That makes it much more pleasant.

PS I don't "swim." I exercise, do my version of water aerobics.

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