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If you’re the boss of a team who you’ve given cell phones to in order to do their jobs then you may have created a big problem—unless you installed a quality mobile spy app on each and every device.

If you did NOT install a track cell phone spy surveillance app on those devices you may be in for a world of trouble. Your employees, while good and trusted workers, can be distracted—just like you and I. A smartphone offers them an entire digital universe of distractions! Thanks to you, they now have a device for texting and emailing friends, watching videos on YouTube or streaming Netflix and Amazon—all on your time and dime. They can also waste precious work hours posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter and flirting on any other social media website. What else? How about gaming? Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Mind Craft—adults love these games just as much as any kid and they’ll spend countless work hours trying to level up.

Let’s also not forget how an employee can get into trouble with one of your devices. They can post a suggestive selfie that gets redistributed all over the place—and may be sent to every employee in your company. They could be downloading porn on it. Illegal porn! The same can go for downloading movies and music illegally. One of your workers could be sexting an underage girl or sextorting some other female who perhaps sent him a sexy selfie. And other employees could be engaging in racial WiFights on social media.

Today’s market is filled with hundreds of mobile spy ware for cell phones surveillance software programs that claim to do everything you need, but many fall short or come with hidden costs. Auto Forward lives up to its claim, don’t cost a lot and has been rated the best by thousands of business owners and managers.

How can you spy on a cell phone for free? This app let you monitor your employees’ browser history, text messages and SMS, call logs, social media activity, pictures and videos and more. They also allow you to track any missing employee via GPS. Additionally, you can turn on their phone’s camera and microphone in order to snap a picture of their environment and listen in on the surroundings—all great for the worker who is never at their desk or who missed their off-site meeting.

One more thing to note: this app works on both Android devices and iPhones and iPads andwith all data carriers.

So don’t waste another moment leaving your company devices unchecked. Install a high-quality mobile surveillance app on them today so that you can sleep easy tonight … and every night.

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