Samsung Note 7 Iris Recognition

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As to the front of the Apple iPhone 7 bombers Andrews benchmarking, people expect Samsung Note 7 of the lot, and not just limited to the processor run points increase. Before there are rumors that Samsung Note 7 will support better than fingerprint recognition iris recognition, now this rumor seems to have iron-clad evidence.

Recently, some users reflect Samsung Galaxy Note 5 update after the emergence of iris recognition system options, and Note 5 itself, as well as the full range of current models of Samsung No one has this feature. Therefore, we can safely conclude that this is the new flagship of Samsung Samsung Note 7 to prepare for the iris recognition appears to be no run.
But iris recognition cool though, but is not really black and Technology. You know, last year Microsoft Lumia 950 XL has been the use iris recognition, but the market reaction was less. Do not know what the future after Andrews carry handle Samsung Note 7 to spend iris recognition, it will be what is the big picture it?

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