How To Get Blog Traffic Without Writing Much

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If you have a website or you are a blogger, you would have questioned yourself or someone “How to get more blog traffic?” There is a popular myth – “The more you write and publish, the more traffic you receive.”You can actually get more than enough traffic by just writing 3 to 4 posts a month. Read on to find the best ways to get blog traffic without writing much. 

How to get more blog traffic?

Writing is a time taking task and not everyone is blessed with the art of writing a winning blog post. Justing writing and updating the blog daily will not help you much unless your niche demands daily updates; Example: A news website or a blog.
Here are the top 3 ways to get more traffic without writing more.

1. Promote more.

social-media-promotion-quotesIf you think getting a few shares and sending e-mails to your subscribers is enough to bring you traffic, you are sadly mistaken. The secret of driving huge traffic is sharing things time and time again.
The readers who have already read your content might re-read it, and there are always people who have not read your content.
Spend double the time in post promotions than you spend in writing. There are tons of social media sites, bookmarking sites and forums where you can share your content. No matter how much you share there will always be some place where you would have missed sharing.
After all, there is no point writing anything which will never be read. To make sure your content reaches a wider audience, share your posts relentlessly.

2. Use other blogger’s audience.

networking quotesAlways work on establishing relationships with fellow bloggers in your own niche or the niche which is related to yours. For example: If you are a website designer and you also blog, reach out to graphic designers who own a community or blog and ask them to share your posts.
Make sure you aren’t trying to establish a parasitic relationship. It should be mutually beneficial.
Using this strategy you are trying to reach people who you would have never got to reach otherwise. Another way to drive others audience at your blog is by guest posting on popular blogs.
Do not spend time guest posting on scammy blogs, rather choose blogs which have a genuine followers base. It doesn’t matters if they have a small following or large what matters is, do they believe in providing value or not.

3. Earn quality backlinks.

backlinksEarn a few quality backlinks. Well, this sounds like an odd piece of advice, but this is the most helpful tip of all. Getting other popular or authority bloggers linking to you can get you massive traffic.
One single quality backlink is better than the hundreds of spammy backlinks. Getting quality backlinks also helps you win the SEO game. Backlinks act as a vote. More backlinks to your blog means more votes for your blog. Higher the number of votes (backlinks), the better the search engine rankings.
Building relationship with influencers can help you get some quality backlinks. Some blogs even link back to their guest blogger’s blog. So, guest blogging too is a good way to earn quality backlinks.
Remember to EARN backlinks and not BUILD them. 😉
Over to you! 
Did you like the tips shared in this post? If yes, start turning them into action because these are the most unused strategies.
If you have some other tips or strategies that you use to get more traffic to your blog, leave a comment below in the comments box. We would love to hear from you.

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