Best Sandwich Deal in Jerusalem, NS10

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I'm always looking for a good deal for quick and inexpensive lunches. Recently I saw that a new place at 42 Jaffa Street, Coney Island Bakery, the lightrail stop, sells their "ready-made" sandwiches for only ns10 and sandwiches to order for ns15. The roll is standard size, and there was enough filling (I had tuna) to eat and feel satisfied. There's lots more than double the amount of filling in the sandwiches as you get in those five shekel stores/kiosks, which are all over Jerusalem now. Yes, you really get much more food than you'd get buying two 5 shekel sandwiches. 

The only problem was that there are times when they're all out of readymades, and then you can design your own for ns15. Maybe next time I will design my own with more salad etc. When I got there, there was only one, which luckily for me was the tuna I had been craving. But fifteen shekel isn't much for a sandwich either. I'm pretty sure that they also have larger rolls for those who want a heartier sandwich, but I got there during the busy lunchtime when there wasn't the large display and choice I had seen out the week before.

Coney Island is more than just a sandwich place. The management has promised to invite me over sometime to sample the real food they offer, too. And they do catering and have yummy-looking New York style desserts. This visit was as a regular customer. I was in a rush between Matan and work.

Phone 02 940 0008 054-569-6135
Sun-Thurs 6:30AM-11:00PM Sat: 1 hour after Shabbat ends -11:00PM

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