Another Great f2f, Perfect in Piccolino!

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My "closed facebook group" of great women from all over the world, mostly here in Israel, had another of our face to face f2f events. This time we chose a favorite restaurant of mine, Piccolino. The fact that I had recommended it made me a bit nervous to say the least. I didn't want my friends to be disappointed, since I've been praising the restaurant since it had opened. I'm a very loyal customer.

But thank Gd, my friends were impressed with the food, service, prices, ambiance, everything! Yes, even though the food served in Piccolino is many grades higher than in your typical dairy restaurant, the prices are very reasonable and the portions very generous. Pictured here are the Antipasti and one of the Pasta dishes. The staff was very accommodating in making changes/substitutions (for special diets and food sensitivities) when requested.

At other f2f luncheons of ours in different venues, our orders had been served staggered over such a long period of time, that some of us had finished eating before others had even gotten food. And we had ordered all at once! In Piccolino, the very professional, cooperative and polite staff had everything under control, so we could all dig in to the irresistible food at the same time. And our perfectly bilingual waiter also doubled as photographer of our group shot!

The private room they had saved for us, a group of twenty women, was exactly what we had wanted. Of course, we had made reservations. For brunch and lunch, reservations are only needed for groups, but it's definitely recommended for dinner. Though they are pretty good at finding a free table or a chair at the "bar."

Piccolino is located at 12 Yoel Solomon Street, easily accessible by public transportation or car. Sunday to Thursday 10:00 – 24:00, the kitchen is open until 23:00. On Fridays and holiday eves starting from 9:00 – 15:00, the kitchen is open until 14:00 Saturday from an hour after Shabbat ends until midnight, the kitchen is open until 23:00. Reservations are recommended: Call 02-6244186

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