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May 08, 2016: It has been nearly a month that I have used the Xiaomi's latest flagship device Mi5 smartphone. The all metal phone powered by the latest snapdragon 820 processor, is insanely fast and lives up to the performance as expected. The thin bezel and the looks makes it more deserving. Other than the camera (which I will be writing in brief) I loved the amazing sound from the phone. Having said all good, the phone gets heated while using cellular data, some apps and even camera. Some applications (like Youtube, Xender) is getting crashed regularly with the latest MIUI (7.3.2 China Stable) update. May the new Global stable MIUI solve both the heating issue and the apps crash problem. 
Lets come to the camera specifications, which is Sony IMX 298 16 MP rear camera with 4 axis OIS and PDAF. The phone is very fast to capture sharp and steady pictures. Its camera is one of the reason for me to get the Mi5 phone especially due to the manual mode (with 30s shutter) which also has the ISO selection from 100 to 3200. Other features in the camera include panorama, audio trigger shutter, Straighten, HHT and fish eye mode. The photo comes steady even while zooming up to 2X. I have tried with the slow shutter of 1s & more to get the trail of the vehicle lights at night but without a stand the photo results blurry. If its with a stand, the phone definitely misses ISO 50 (which is there in Samsung Galaxy S7). After using the phone for sometime, the best part is I have stopped carrying point and shoot camera to capture photos promptly for some events on the way.
Compared to that of rear camera, front 4 MP snapper is not that exciting for a super phone like Mi5.
Here are some of the photo samples (without editing and watermarks) taken from Mi5.
All photos are copyrighted... click to enlarge.

Manual Mode photo flowers

Manual Mode

Low light photography: KTM CTY brand Thamel

With additional macro lens.

NAC office from a moving vehicle.

Slow shutter photo sample at Kingsway Kathmandu

Low light photo sample: Sizzler

Taxi meter: low light photo sample

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