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When I was shopping the other day for supplies for my TNT family favorite 1, 2, 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies, I almost bought these chocolate chips, because I was attracted to the 60% chocolate.  

But then I looked at the ingredients, and it said חלב milk, even though it also said פרווה Parve, which means no milk/no meat/poultry= good for all sorts of meals. I asked a few people how it could say it has milk if it's parve. Finally, a neighbor read it all very carefully and said that the chocolate chips were produced on machinery that also handles dairy products, so not everyone will consider it truly parve. But she wasn't correct either.

Because apparently, the "milk" notice has nothing to do with kashrut according to someone who was able to discover what it is:
... the notice is for allergy purposes, and the warning is to prevent any lawsuit against the company. The picture does not even show the ingredients, the picture is of the allergy warning. The warning states that it may contain milk but stipulates clearly that it is run on a dedicated parve line only. Basically it is a health statement, not a kashrut statement.

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