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Java has a bigger learning curve. It's a complete platform with a huge API and a lot of details. As you've reduced your scenario to Android, I suppose you could organize your studies this way:

  • Understand the basics of packages, classes and methods. These 3 concepts by themselves have a lot of details and best practices;
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming) - This is an important aspect so you can write legible and maintainable code;
  • Collections is an important aspect of the language you must learn.,
  • Adopting Android, you'll have to understand a bit about inner classes and events. For example: to handle buttons actions;
  • Start reading Android API
  • For Android I believe 4 main concepts will give you a simplified overview: Activity, Intent, Services and Interface building.

Best Java Programming Tutorials

Official site:Java programming

Java Programming Tutorials:

Java courses

  1. Youtube videos:Java tutorials
  2. Eclipse and java video tutorials
  3. learn java

Books for java programming

  • Java: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition
  • Thinking in java
  • Effective java
  • After learning the basic and fundamental:Head first java
  • Think java

If you want to create Android Apps

More Useful java programming Resources:

Best online programming course available
  • Treehouse(first month is free):Best for absolute beginners.
  • Codeacademy - Awesome and free courses for beginner.
  • Udemy - Huge list of online course. Some are excellent but remember to read the users review before taking any course.
  • Lynda(free 10 days trial) - Have some awesome courses too.
  • MIT(open course ware).
  • Khan academy - Computer programming Course.
  • edx - free online courses from the best university.
  • best youtube channel:thenewboston

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