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The inventive low-priced fancy microscope pholdaskopa
Worldwide pray tibia rapid pace moving forward. Come and meet some of the new year, when our curiosity is not the end of it.This year, the market has been overwhelmed with various types of technology. Technology, new industry added a new dimension to our lives.Tech has published a list of 014 potential of such technology invented Poems on the site. ">Writes detailed Harriette Ahmed

Holdall SkopjeStanford, published in March, causality Mani-priced fancy microscope was invented less than $ 1 'pholdaskopa. Arrange several layers of paper with the structure of the micro-lens is made psychopathology. Any object phosphatase equal to two thousand times larger.Children will be able to use it due to lower costs. This will work in remote areas considerable phosphatase study.Hearing AidThis year's February "Mobile World Congress is open to the international market 'hearing aid' device. It is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This smartphone can control the volume of the hearing aid user. Prepare for the new iPhone 'hearing aid' is Saundra Salinas. Vibraphone ears with his hands before handling any of the others listed cause discomfort for the solution of this device. Volume setting is different from place to place to correct this device features.Telibata robotBody victims of police and military forces in order to work as a patrol officer in the Discovery Lab at Florida International University and a group of students has created a prototype robot "celibate. It is six feet tall, 75 pounds of weight. Celibate to control one of a kulaks Rift headset, motion tracking and clothing, and a pair of Bahamanian glacial to use the motion sensor.Instant Network MiniThis year's February "byakapyake Vodafone Foundation unveiled the portable mobile network devices, such as sightseeing, instant network Mini. Just 5 pounds of weight. It takes 10 minutes to set up a network connection device, which will take mokabelakaridera disaster. "Instant Network Mini in the 100 meters distance phone calls and SMS to five.Small TarantinoTexas, a group of researchers has developed a Tarantino salt particles smaller than 500 percent. A jet engine, it is equal to 15 hours of continuous speed (18 thousand apiema) can turn around. Durably habituate is expected in the supply of drugs to destroy cancer cells manageress using nanometer is possible.Robotic body suit9-year-old physically disabled Ulyanovsk this year's football World Cup in Pinto gave the Katinka a brain-controlled robotic cortex (eksosuta) later. It was created by a team led by Duke University professor Miguel Nikoletta. The scientists hope that by using this kind of brain-controlled exoskeleton durable syllabicate be able to get rid of the constraints of the physically challenged wheelchair.Intel wheelchair"Intel Collaborators' program as part of the company's engineers have developed a wheelchair, which is the speed of the user's heart, equal to body temperature and blood pressure monitors. Intel's annual development conference in September, physicist Stephen Hawking, the project was unveiled in front of everyone.Eye pariaya smartphonesReplacing the eye to monitor glaucoma by a suitable sensor is a small device made by scientists at Stanford University. This technology can be used with the smartphone. This sensor can be used in the prevention of blindness. Currently, this technology is tested on small animals, scientists have been successful. Examination of the viability of the human body is.TVSmart television sector, competition is growing fast. LG's new 77-inch television resolutions, because it's good for the customers to get TV shows seem to be a different experience. Twenty thousand dollars to the price of the TV 999.CameraImproved resolution of the camera can be controlled with a smartphone. It will be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. Prorate than previous versions of the new version of the standard is much better battery life. The price of the device is $ 679.DroneDrone technology already progressed a long way. War and used as the delivery of goods is more popularly known as the drone go. Logistical Datamation Jedidiah drone Phantom-to-market for new Vision Plus. 359 thousand dollars to the price of one.Solar road panelIn May this year, the US start up company Idaho Hittite solar pterodactyl 'prototype on the road has been constructed. The road has been used in a particular type of cell phat ob halting resistant glass substrate. The collection of solar energy from the heat can increase or decrease the panel. Label LED lamp burning at night on this street. Solar road construction project, which began in the year 009 in a parking lot has been done to build a second prototype.

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