How to Type Arabic in Your PC

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The third day of the holy month of Ramadan sat to write the tune. Imagine if you write two verses of the Holy Quran in its translation to be online to share with the other brothers. If it is the intention of reaping rewards. Of course you will receive the reward of Allah. So let's learn How to type Arabic in your Computer.

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How to Type in Microsoft Office and other application without Illustrator or Graphics Software.

How they are supported by outstanding software Arabic True Type .ttf Arabic type, style, formatting can learn it.

Application of such a Ms. Word

If Ms. Word to open a Blank Page.

Language bar on the right side of your Task Bar, select the Arabic Saudia Arabia.

Alignment to the right. Elaine has left it to the right to elaine. These simple methods of Ctrl + left-Shift (hold down the left Shift key Ctrl Leave) became diameter.

Keyboard Layout:

Arabic Keyboard Layout like the English. There are additional characters like the Bengali victory. As we saw in Bengal, J = A / B. Layout like the one shown below to learn is the Practice.

Arabic Typing Arabic Typing Game to practise will support you.

Arabic Typing Game Download from the site.

It will take to set up VC ++ Redistribution 2010.

(Total 14 MB)

Install After clicking on Create to create the User Login. Login The login name and password. >> Typing >> Start screen after you, you continue to type the characters you see in the Arabic Layout.

In this way, you can stay a few days praktica.

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