How To Optimize Your laptops battery llife

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Today I will share an important tutorial oh how to check your laptops battery health and optimize it for better performance...

I know you are so much pissed off with battery life not more than 2-3 hours....infact I have seen a laptop with just 30-45 minutes of battery life..

Here is the solution.... Follow me...

Let's test your battery health

Note : please unplug your charger before trying this out

Battery health is very important... If you know much better about your battery health then you will know how to make good use of it...

Run the Command Prompt on your windows as an administrator
After opening cmd; just write this code 
              ” powercfg -energy ”
and wait for a minute
Now goto the default directory which will be given in cmd for checking your laptop battery health report
Now examine everything regarding your battery health and many other things.

Now how to optimize your battery for better performance

As you have seen your battery health above.... You can now proceed with the steps I will give below...

- Download the best battery optimizing software I will give below with its crack..
- install and copy the reg file into the installed directory..
- Now open the app and click on run diagnosis ( this will take some time after that enjoy)

How to activate the program with the given crack below

-fully install the setup
-do not open , now copy and paste the crack to the installation directory..
- all done... Enjoy..

Download links....

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