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Ladies alaikuma ,, I hope everyone will like the grace of Allah. I can not tune the arrangements are good. So tune in this short period of time have a hell !!!!!!! Apple's Web site for a lot of different kinds of writing is impressed. What Apple is doing is totally good or bad. How much the price of leaving, when leaving, my phone has been used, this is not the tuner and its opposite. So let's start

In the so-called new iPhone display pictures online. The images are being published on a variety of technology to build factories, "the display of the iPhone 6 esa. Myakariumarsa said in a report yesterday, after the game in the first week of August, a new generation of so-called "iPhone 6 esa
pictures of the display. Myakaphiksaita the Australian website has published several photos. In photos published at the beginning of the week with new pictures of the images taken from the site tumenta same manufacturer. Myakaphiksaitera quality control sticker on one of the photos published in the July 9 caught easily. The last few years have been practicing in September unveiling of Apple's new iPhone. As well as display images of the new iPhone may be the so-called iPhone myakariumarsa said. The so-called leaked photos of the new iPhone from a variety of sources and market analysis, the site of the current rumors that the new iPhone than the previous models, but can be thick. May change the camera position or external design.

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