Disadvantages of 4G Mobiles

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New frequencies means new components in cell towers.
Higher data prices for consumers
Consumer is forced to buy a new device to support the 4G
It is impossible to make your current equipment compatible with the 4G network
4G is only currently available in certain cities within the United States.

quipment has not been fully developed for network
Network has more complex security issues
Network protocols and standardization have not been defined
Not many areas have 4G service yet
Very expensive

Today is the day of internet. In most field wireless system is very widely used.Currently a number of technologies like1G,2G,2.5G,3G etc A new technology is introduced which is called as 4G technology.

Fourth generation wireless system is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput. It is designed to be cost effective and to provide high spectral efficiency. Data rate of 20mbps is employed. Mobile speed will be up to200km/hr.The high performance is achieved by the use of long term channel in both time termchannel in both time and frequency ,scheduling among users and smart antennas combined with adaptive modulation and power control. Frequency band is 2-8 GHz. it gives the ability for world wide roaming to access cell anywhere.It uses OFDM (ortogonal frequency divisional multiplexing) and Ultra Wide Radio Band(UWB), and Millimeter wireless and smart antenna.4G uses a multi network functional device software which is very helpful for multiple user.

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