The top 4 Free Chess apps you may try with your Windows Phone

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We are continuing to follow the developments of Windows Phone apps, and this time chess is in our focus and we are going to speak about the top four chess apps available for free in Windows Phone Store for now, which can provide you with a number of col features and great experience especially if you are a beginner. Thus, here is the functional analyses of the basic features that these apps provide you with having a look at which you may already figure out which one you need more.

Thus the list goes as follows:

Top 4 Chess apps for Windows Phone

This is the first app we would like to speak about, noting the following features:

  • Simple interface
  • Customization of the chess board color
  • Possibility to play online with ranked players, with Facebook friends, your friends registered in the game, or with a friend who is just beside you with the very same phone passing the phone back and forth.
  • Report about your ranking with a day-by-day progress
  • Chance to play with multiple users at the same time
  • Chance to confirm your move before actually making it
  • Online resumable with the possibility to run the app in the background with live notifications about the moves of the opponents 

Chess4All is the following popular app that you may try out, coming with some interesting specifications like on-line learning and chance to follow the play of other users, one of the significant drawbacks of which is the absence of the chance to resume the game after shifting to another app meanwhile. 

  • Appealing interface with some nice design elements
  • Section for tips for beginners
  • Chess puzzles
  • Possibility to watch other players’ games
  • Chance to play with the computer, with online players, with a friend registered or sitting beside you
  • Chance to use hints and to undo a move when playing with the computer, and with the agreement of the opponent

If you like 3D effects, then this app is just what you need for playing chess with your Windows Phone. Here you may have the chance to play both with the computer and with your friends, rotating and moving the board in 3D mode however you may like. 

  • 3D modifiable board on which you may have a look from different angles
  • Modifiable design with colors, with adjustable level of opponents
  • Possibility to zoom the board to the level you like
  • A quick tutorial of the figures and their features as well as the main moves that may be used
  • Chance to play with the computer or with a friend
  • Modifiable game duration

Finally, Chess Time is the last but least significant app you may try out, which is different from the other three we spoke about in terms of formal registration and chance to revoke your password using your e-mail. In addition, here you also have the chance to play with users from the same location and also have more information about your opponent. 

  • Account creation
  • In-detail account of personal account rating and information
  • Chance to invite players from your current location
  • Chance to add a player to your friend list
  • Chat
  • Chance for position analysis during the game
  • Confirmation of moves before making them
  • Chance to view the board as the opponent
  • Chance to see the details of the account of the opponent

Thus, here were the top apps that allow you to have a game of chess with your Windows Phone, out of which you may pick the one you like most. In addition, you may just test them separately and decide everything according to your preferences and wishes! Your Windows Phone really knows how to play chess. 

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