Android Full Rooting Guide for Every Phone with Advantages

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Rooting your android phone is not so easy because many times rooting software does not work. Many readers of my blog questioned how I root my phone and  your providing solutions is not working in my phone.
root android phone

What is Rooting ?

Rooting is very easy when you know what is rooting. Rooting is like full control ,you access all system files and directories. Example : In Windows Computer you see administrator computer,administrator has full control aver all machine. 
Your Android Phone is a linux machine , In linux there is administrator called superuser(su). When you root your phone you acquire superuser access.
keep calm and root your android

Advantages of Rooting

  • Remove Ads from Phone
  • Run All Hacking and Pentesting Apps
  • Browse Root directory
  • Increase CPU Capacity
  • Install Custom Rom and Get more Features
  • Install and Run Backtrek and Linux OS
  • Do experiments in Phone
  • Hack Android Games Scores
  • Run apps that don't support your phone
  • Remove Preinstalled Apps
  • Hack Wifi 
  • Increase Internet Speed

What You can Really Do when you root your Android Phone ?

There are many things to do when you root your phone but below you see my blog posts. In a year I wrote many things to do after you root your phone.
Try this all thing and take advantages of rooting. /2014/03/top-10-reasons-why-you-root-your.html" target="_blank">Top 10 reasons Why you Root your Android Phone /2014/06/top-5-best-root-android-apps-2014.html" target="_blank">Top 5 Best Root Android Apps 2014 /2014/05/block-ads-in-all-android-games-apps-and.html" target="_blank">Block Ads In all Android Games, Apps and Browsers /2014/10/change-and-customize-your-android-phone-fonts.html" target="_blank">Change and Customize your android Phone Fonts /2014/08/remove-preinstalledunwanted-apps.html" target="_blank">Remove Preinstalled android Apps /2014/08/how-change-your-android-mobile-device-id.html" target="_blank">Change your android Mobile Device ID /2014/10/view-save-password-in-android-location.html" target="_blank">View and Retrieve Wifi Password in Phone /2013/12/install-backtrack-on-android-mobile.html" target="_blank">Install Hacking Backtrek OS in Android Phone /2014/01/modify-hosts-file-block-websites-on.html" target="_blank">Modify Hosts File and Block Website on Phone /2014/07/download-android-hacking-security-apps.html" target="_blank">Download and Install Hacking Apps Collection /search/label/Android%20Forensics" target="_blank">Check out our Android Forensics Section for More 

How You Root your Android Phone ?
Rooting android phone is so simple. There are mainly two process one is with or second is without pc. Every phone doesn't work with popular rooting software. So you need to find your rooting software for android phone. You find your rooting in or XDA Forums.
But In below you see popular software that work with lots of phones. You try these software and root your android phone.

Rooting android Phone with PC

Vroot is popular android rooting software. Iroot supports 8000 Android Smartphones. When you download and install Iroot in PC , you must have working Internet Connection. You see all instruction in Iroot Website.
Download Iroot Software


Kingo is also a popular software for rooting android phone. This is oneclick method. You don't need any settings ,just plug your phone and click on root button and phone is root.
Download Kingo Root

Rooting android Phone Without PC


Iroot also available in the form of  android app. You can download and install Iroot android app . So with this android app you can easily root your android phone without PC. This is totally free apps and available for all.
Download Iroot android App


Framaroot is most popular android apps for rooting android phone without PC. Install Framaroot and do one click ,your phone is root. Framaroot supports thousands of phone. This is also a one click root method system.

Download Framaroot Android APP /2014/04/how-to-check-if-your-android-device-is.html" target="_blank">Now You check your phone is root or not .

So above you see four method for rooting your phone. Root your phone and enjoy advantages of rooting. 

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