Let PhotoMath solve your problems for you!

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Apart from organizing your daily schedule and fixing your appointments, along with helping you with the leisure time activities and answering your questions, your Windows Phone may now help you with your math problems, too! So you may already trust your Math homework to your smarty-pants smartphone! All you need to do for that is just downloading the PhotoMath application from Windows Phone Store which just needs to have the image of the typewritten problem and calculate the answer right away!

What the app supports

In order to learn more about the details we may also have a look at the official description provided by Windows Phone Store, noting the following:

Do math calculus or solve equations by using your mobile phone camera. Open PhotoMath on your phone and point it to a math equation - get the solution in an instant! Try it with elementary arithmetic like “123 + 456 =” or something more complex like “-234/50+(30+5)*4/5.2” and you will be impressed. Beside displaying bare results, the solution can be shown step-by-step to help with learning math problem solving.

No handwritten numbers supported, only typewritten. Sorry!

Note: PhotoMath does not use magical powers, so please do not expect it will solve every equation. If it happens that some equation is not solved, please use the feedback button which will send the last image to us. Our developers will try to do their best to improve PhotoMath. Ok? Thanks ;-)
  • Support for Camera Lense
  • Support for Live Tiles
  • Croatian localization
  • Other fixes and improvements

So this is another super cool and great app that you may download right from Windows Phone Store and absolutely for free enjoying the quick answers to your problems. Still, what we would recommend is turning to this app only in case you have really hard times solving a particular problem. In other cases just don’t be lazy and solve the problems yourself if required since this way you will become smarter and more skillful in the subject for sure! 

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