Nokia N73 Unlocked Cell Phone Review

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Nokia N73 Unlocked Cell Phone
The Nokia N73 unlocked cell phone provides users with choices of carrier options. When it was initially introduced the phone cost in the range of $600. Currently, the model sells in big box stores in the mid-$300 range. It has a Symbian OS which enables access to numerous applications. There is a memory slot, numerous call features and an excellent Carl Zeiss lens-3.2 megapixel digital camera. Bluetooth-tooth enabled, but not WiFi. Charger and data cable included.

The Nokia N73 not your ordainary phone - Nokia - N73 Music Edition Cell Phone - Viewpoints

Based much on the Nokia N70, one of the original Nokia Nseries devices, the N73 takes the bar shaped multimedia handset design a few steps further by adding in such features as a QVGA display and a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. While it lacks the WiFi support found on many of the newer Nseries handsets, the N73 does support 3G on the 2100MHz WCDMA/UMTS band and has all of the other class leading flourishes that the Nseries is known for - like the fabulous Nokia web browser.

Physical Aspects

Physically the N73 looks like a slightly slimmed down N70 that has been given a facelift on the back. The N70's large sliding lens cover has been replaced with a leaner, more compact unit on the N73 that helps keep the overall dimensions and weight down. The N73 measures up at 112mm x 49mm x 20mm (4.4" x 1.9" x .8") and weighs a very respectable 117g (4.1oz) with SIM card.

The front of the N73 is dominated by the large display, but we'll touch on that later. The keypad on the N73 is rather small, and one of the things I like least about the device. The combination of small keys and a position very, very close to the bottom of the phone make them rather hard for me to use. If you have small hands it might work out better for you, but then again, the N73 might also feel a bit top heavy for people with smaller hands. The keys themselves work very well, and the joystick and surrounding softkeys and call control keys are also very good. I don't really like the four chromed buttons that surround the keypad, though. Of the four, only the C key and the main S60 menu keys are really used very often. The C key's lower right hand corner placement makes it very hard for me to use, as a right handed person.

The remainder of the device is pretty well designed. The volume control has been moved to the right side of the device so that it is in the appropriate position for a zoom control when the N73 is being used in camera mode. Accordingly, there is a dedicated shutter button on the same side of the device. Next to the shutter button is a dedicate button for the photo viewer application, which is pretty handy. The active sliding panel that covers and turns on the camera and flash on the rear of the device is a bit odd, and we were a bit worried that it might get caught on things since it does not sit flush with the rest of the rear cover. We did not, however, have any actual problems with it. The last thing of note is the miniSD memory card slot that is located on the bottom of the device, next to the pop-port connector and the mini power socket. The card slot cover is very secure and unobtrusive. I didn't even realize that it was anything but a design element when I first received the device.

Overall I am generally pleased with the physical design of the N73. While I would prefer a better positioned and laid out keypad, I can understand the space restraints that Nokia had to work within considering the N73's massive display. The build quality seems very good, as you would expect, and the N73's finish is near perfect as well

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