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Google's mobile phone output is widely used by consumers, even android is known to be able to compete with Blackberry sales are now equally famous in society. Excess android phone compared to the other phone:
Android connected with all google services.

For Google users, this phone would be very helpful. Because, it provides a direct android google apps in the cell phone. It is certainly easier for users to access data via google. Besides google, android apps also provide GMail, Google Docs, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk and Google+.
Open source.

Things to excess hp hp compared to other android, because this phone is an operating system based on Linux kernel. As with any operating system on your computer, yes android is a linux system for the Tablet. Android is an open resouce. This means that google put any source code in android which is intended to allow users to access multiple applications on android.

There is indeed qualified applications.

It explained that the android that is specifically made with the addition of open source software. It turned out to be useful for many enterprise applications to participate in creating breakthrough new products. This product will certainly be easier for users, and must provide benefits for many entrepreneurs apliaksi. In the use of each of these applications do not need to follow the procedure paid OS platform. Because the application made freely available through the software, shareware and even freeware.
Easily upgrade the application.

Once the user android has many applications that are needed, users can easily upgrade any application. This is one of the advantages hp hp compared to other android. this proves that any company trying to provide the best application for all consumers, of course through the easy way.

Freely customize the ROM.

For those of you who like to use the ROM, or Read Only Memory is certainly going to be easy to get. And in fact, this ROM is one of the advantages of android hp hp compared to the other. And it turns out, the system ROM does not exist on any other OS. ROM functions for these individuals can find and access the file system of Android.

Google proved to be serious about developing Android.

The proof every Google issued a new series of Android is always in demand in the market. Of each version, Android certainly have their merits, which are increasingly inofatis again. Ranging from technical performance, to display interface.

Many choices devices.

We are happy to open up the opportunity for any vendor who would like to cooperate with this seriously with Android. Google believes it is evident that this product will be a success in the market.

Android is relatively cheap prices.

Apparently many advantages compared to android hp hp more, and it turns out the price is relatively cheap. Android was made available for the low end to high end. However, Android still give best for all consumers.

Maybe it's advantages Android phones than others, but there are many others as well really, just try googling you will definitely see the advantages of Android other advantages. May be useful

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