Remote Control PC with Smartphone

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Remote Control PC with Smartphone - There have been many mobile applications that serve to control the PC remotely. But most can only control the mouse or best able to type from a mobile phone. This time PULSE recommend you to use a PC application to control the touchremote better.

Control PC via Smartphone

This application features a fairly competent. Not only Able to control the mouse, but you are also able to see the files on the PC from a mobile phone, PC displays in mobile phones at the same time we can control multiple applications on the PC, even for presentations. How? Consider the following tips:

To do this you have tips to download Touchremote applications for mobile phones and PCs:

  1. Symbian ^ 3 smartphones have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection or Smartphone Android version 2.1 and above
  2. PC or laptop that also has Bluetooth connectivity and WIfi
  3. If using Wlan Hotspot then you will need a local network and make sure your PC and phone are connected to the network.

For your phone to download directly through the ovi store for free. Meanwhile, to download the application PC. On the site For applications for the PC and you can download it for free demo version, or if you are not satisfied you can buy, which can be paid by Paypal or credit card.

Step 1
Download the application to your PC and click on the site download PC software to download.

Step 2
The download is complete, install the application by running the *. Exe that was downloaded. Once done run the application, by selecting start demo. But if you buy this app you can enter license Key first. Wait until the activation process is completed and then click Ok.

Step 3
At the first time running this application, you can enter the password to make it more secure. By selecting OK.

Step 4
Enter the password, enter the Path to VLC player or you can adjust other settings.

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