Mypad My Zephyr Phone Tablet

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Not only global vendor who dared to bring in qualified technology products, local vendors generous in providing the features of its products. As in the present Mypad My Zephyr Dual SIM HSDPA capabilities with dual-core processor (dual-core) how their performance? As phablet (phone tablet), Mypad My Zephyr is so nuanced design Kentar Galaxy Note II. As used in another local product that Snow S68 IMO, Micxon SX5 Sashimi and Movi M3.

My Zephyr Phone Tablet

Still the focus of the plastic material, Myzephyr has size a fairly thin at less than 1cm. Using layers to make it look elagan glosy front and matte coating on the back. So that is not easy to slip when gripped.

Mypad put right next to the power button and the volume button on the left. At the top you'll find a 3.5mm audio port. While at the bottom, there is a microUSB port.

As protection Mypad Myzephyr with leather case accompanies the sales package, so it is useful to protect the screen and body from scratches.

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