Freeze Android Game

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Freeze Android Game
Games for mobile phones has now been pursed to the game with simple controls, without limiting the graphics and media size. With its portable and small screens, the controls become a major issue and the types of games and game-based Free Run gravity is the right choice. This includes the Freeze! For iOS and Android. 

Game-based game gravity control is already there since a few years ago. Call it the Gravity Ball and Naught. That is, natural to expect a gravity game that much better. Freeze! adding value to the presence of storyline and enhanced graphics effects even in the room sounded black and white kind of Naught.

By Andreas Von Lepel (frozen Gun)
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: Free
Minimum OS: iOS 4.3 and Android 2.2 upwards to the top
File Size: 48.4 MB (iOS), 36 MB (android)

Here you have to control our hero in the eyes shaped jagged circle, tracing all the obstacles and move from one place to another in order to achieve the light. Certainly not easy, if only rely on ourselves. This aids our hero out of the darkness.

Although only minimal relying on color, lighting is present enough to make the 'heavy' game. Therefore, for Android users, it seems you have to make sure the power of your Android device before running it.

Download  Freeze! Frozen Gun Games

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