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Handset operating system BlackBerry 10 set released by Research in Motion (RIM) in late January 2013. Intended to restore the prestige of the BlackBerry, is certainly BB10 has various excellent features.

QNX-based OS that has been used as the operating system of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC. Operations conducted by phone or swipe swipe system that does not require physical buttons. BlackBerry 10 was crammed with a variety of features that quite interesting.

BlackBerry PlayBook

For example, the BlackBerry Hub will accommodate all messages, notifications, or calendar and can be accessed easily. In the sector of the camera, there is a feature that works like a time machine. If the photo was taken is not as expected, this feature seemed to be able to repeat the moment so that the user can rewind the number of frames to find a better photo.

RIM claims BlackBerry 10 even designed to not have a hang or crash when operated. And while its release later, this OS will be supported tens of thousands of apps on the BlackBerry World.

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