BBM Voice, Internet Phone BlackBerry Via Wifi

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As mentioned previously, there are interesting features brought updates on Blackberry Messenger version 7. BBM feature called Voice allows users to make voice calls like a telephone inter-application of fuel. To use this feature Voice fuel, of course you must have the latest version of BBM (v.7).

BBM voice

You can update your BBM installed on your BlackBerry for free to the latest version. Condition, BlackBerry devices used must be equipped with BlackBerry OS version 6 or later.

BlackBerry OS version used can be checked on the option Options> Device> About Device Version.

1. When first used, you will be prompted to enter your BlackBerry ID, which will also be a means for backup-restore, and will allow you to move the data associated with the fuel (profile, contacts, groups and so on)

trick bbm voice

bbm voice  BlackBerry

2. Voice fuel use wifi to connect. So make sure you are connected to wifi in order to use this feature.

BlackBerry voice phone

3. You can start using Voice fuel by selecting the contact you want to dial. BBM Voice has visual indicators that show whether you have been using BBM contacts 7, or not.

how to bbm voice

If you do not see the icon in the upper right corner of fuel Voice of the screen means you do not use BBM contacts 7. If the icon is displayed BBM Voice grayed out then you have a BBM contact 7 but can not be contacted due partly because it is not connected to a wifi network.

Not to use BBM 7

BlackBerry internet phone

Using BBM BBM 7 but not online Voice

internet phone BlackBerry

And if the icon is green fuel Voice means you use BBM contacts 7 and ready for the call.

4. Click the icon or press the fuel Voice call to dial.

5. While connected to the fuel Voice voice call, you can open by pressing the BBM chat chat chat open in the right corner of the screen. Or press the virtual speakers to use the loudspeaker.

internet phone via wifi

6. You can also perform multi-tasking functions, such as moving to another application by holding down the menu.

7. When receiving an incoming call, you can press contacts avatars to receive calls. Click Reply in the fuel or press the End key to reject the call.

internet phone

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