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Today our topic is about Best and top paying google adsense alternative. we khow that adsense is the money making miracle. but if you are a failure men then you can use Best paying alternatives to google adsense. top listed some of these are collected by me. today i will inform you about it. how much you can earn from those best paying alternatives? this is a question.
if you are a blogger then you have to need using ads on your blog website. there are many ad unite for showing ads on your blog.
i think this income is not so bad but this is not as google adsense. 
but if you choose to use Best paying google adsense alternatives then i suggest you by the following ads unite below-

you can use the following Best and Best paying google adsense alternatives. such as- Buysellads , AdbriteBidvertiserInfolinks ,  Chitika , Tribalfusion , Clicksor Affinity , Kontera Smowtion . there are another 100 best alternatives to google adsense.

Adbrite:   Adbrites ads are very similar to Google Adsense ads. this is the best paying adsense alternative ads. But there payment is something different. you can collect your earnings after 60 working day.  Minimum payout of Adbrite is only five dollar $5  and they will pay you only via check. you can use it with the google adsense but ads color must be different.this is the best alternative to google adsense.

Buysellads - Buysellads is another high paying best alternatives to Google Adsense. they will pay very good rate but getting approval from Buysellads ad unite is more difficult than Adsense.  coz it requires top level domain name such as-com, org, info etc. also they need at least 50K page impression per month. also they need a good page reak blog. if you have a top label domain and it has 50k page impression then you can apply for this ads.  they will pay after every 15 days. There Minimum payout is only $50.

 Infolinks - This is one of the best paying google adsense alternative. you can get this easier then google adsense. in-text ads is main of infolink ads. you can earn good from this ad unite. from every 1000 visitors you can earn 10$. you can withdraw your money in various method. you can use paypal to get your earnings from infolink.

  Chitika - another best alternative to Adsense .they pays high rate as  like as Google Adsense but they will pay high only for gold members. If your page views per day at least  5000  your account will be approved as a Gold Account. there minimum payout is only $10. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or  Check. you can use it with google adsens.

  Affinity - you can earn good by using affinity ads. it pays very high amount so this is a good and best paying google adsense alternative. there minimum payout is 50$ and you can ask for withdrawal request via paypal.

Tribalfusion - you can use eye catching banner ads from tribalfusion . you can earn good if your page impression is high. you can use this ad unite as a good alternative to google adsense.

Yahoo Publisher:        you can use yahoo publisher ads as the best alternatives to google adsense . you can earn good from this publisher ads. but do not use that ad unit with google ads. if your content are unique and have a good page views then you can get this easily.


Smowtion - using paypal account you can withdraw your earnings after every 30 days. this is a good ad publisher network. you can use this ad unite as best paying adsense alternatives.

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