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Together Again

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My Uncle George, My Father and My Aunt Boche

My father and his siblings were very close and very different. My father was the last of the three to pass away. My father was the middle child, only 19 months younger than his brother, and their little sister was about six years or so younger than him.

They were all talented and intelligent. My aunt made a career of art, starting in textile design and then children's book illustrations. After that she lectured on how to publish a book among other things. My father got his degree in Accounting and afterwards, when I was a child he became a CPA. He built a private practice and was adored and respected by his clients. My uncle had inherited my grandfather's factory which produced raincoats, but gave it up and got a civil servants job.

All of them lived long lives. My uncle died just short of his 90th birthday; my aunt was in her eighties when she died. And my father was close to 96. They were all amazing in their ways, strong and determined and THE AMERICAN GENERATION, born in New York to parents who came from Neshelsk, Poland and Rogotshov, Belarus. They adored and enjoyed their grandchildren. And my father and uncle were privileged to also live long enough to know their older great-grandchildren.

I bless all of their descendants, those already alive and those to be born, wishing that they enjoy such wonderful closeness with their siblings.

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